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Scryed (Dub)

Scryed (Dub) s.CRY.ed, スクライド
Ended 1 Seasons - 26 Episodes

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The aftermath of a mysterious environmental catastrophe has left the land in complete desolation! While mankind has been able to rebuild the city, the catastrophe has caused some humans to undergo genetic mutations granting them special powers and abilities. These genetically enhanced humans are known as Alters. Kazuma has spent his entire life in the wastelands relying on his special powers to survive, but when a secret organization called ‘Holy’ threatens to take away his freedom, he will be left with a choice to join or die. His fight to seek the truth behind the ‘Holy’ will rage and consume humanity and Alter alike!

Scryed (Dub)

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24m 2001 18 views

Season 1
1 Image scryed-dub-5028-episode-14-season-1.jpg Kazuma2001
2 Image Loading… Ryuhou2001
3 Image Dragon Ball Z Kai HOLY2001
4 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-4959-poster.jpg Big Magnum2001
5 Image scryed-dub-5029-episode-15-season-1.jpg Mimori Kiryu2001
6 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-4959-backdrop.jpg Zetsuei2001
7 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-4959-poster.jpg Asuka Tachibana2001
8 Image scryed-dub-5034-episode-16-season-1.jpg Mad Script2001
9 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-4959-backdrop.jpg Shell Bullet2001
10 Image scryed-dub-5035-episode-17-season-1.jpg Super Pinch2001
11 Image scryed-dub-5036-episode-18-season-1.jpg Alters2001
12 Image scryed-dub-5037-episode-19-season-1.jpg Kunihiko Kimishima2001
13 Image scryed-dub-5038-episode-20-season-1.jpg Lost Ground2001
14 Image scryed-dub-5039-episode-21-season-1.jpg Kyouji Mujyo2001
15 Image scryed-dub-5040-episode-22-season-1.jpg Rogue2001
16 Image season-3-5045-season-3.jpg Sou Kigetsuki2001
17 Image scryed-dub-5046-episode-25-season-1.jpg Ayase Terada2001
18 Image season-4-5047-season-4.jpg Straight Cougar2001
19 Image scryed-dub-5048-episode-26-season-1.jpg The Three Tokonatsu Sisters2001
20 Image season-5-5049-season-5.jpg Kanami Yuta2001
21 Image season-6-5050-season-6.jpg HOLY Eye2001
22 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-5051-episode-1-season-5.jpg Martin Jigmar2001
23 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-5053-episode-3-season-5.jpg Scheris Adjani2001
24 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-5055-episode-5-season-5.jpg Fist2001
25 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-5057-episode-7-season-5.jpg Native2001
26 Image dragon-ball-z-kai-5059-episode-9-season-5.jpg Dream2001
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