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City Hunter Special: Goodbye My Sweetheart (Dub)

シティーハンタースペシャル グッド・バイ・マイ・スイート・ハート

A mysterious soldier known only as Professor takes his revenge on the government that betrayed him – and Tokyo is brought to its knees! Unless the government pays the Professor an impossible ransom, downtown Tokyo will be completely destroyed, and the Professor’s beautiful sister will be the first to go! Only City Hunter, expert detective and shameless ladies’ man, can keep Tokyo from being blown sky high!The bullets fly furiously, and the women have never been tempting as City Hunter takes it to the edge in this action-packed animated feature. Explosive action will rock your senses as you witness City Hunter’s greatest challenge ever!

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1h 30m 1997

  • Subbed - HD
  • Original title: シティーハンタースペシャル グッド・バイ・マイ・スイート・ハート
  • Release date: 01-04-1997
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
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